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Magnolia Grove Farms
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Welcome to Magnolia Grove Farms!

We are a small farm based out of Chilliwack, BC. We grow food organically for our weekly vegetable (CSA) boxes. We also offer honey, cheese, and more from local producers, plus eggs from our hens. Take a look around and see what you’d love to add to your home.

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Here at Magnolia Grove Farms we also grow herbs, collect herbs in the wild, and infuse them to make our homemade soaps. We have a wonderful variety of soaps to offer that will support and nurture your skin.

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Refer a friend! Have them mention your name in the referral box when they place their first veggie order, and we’ll enter you into a draw for a month’s free supply of vegetables, along with a free gift with your next order!

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“How lovely is the silence of growing things.”

– Evan Dicken

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Our Story

Always growing and trying new things, we’ve been experimenting with different crops since 2012. Although we started our personal garden in 2012, we’ve upgraded to a larger farm (still small scale) in 2019. Each year we grew an over-abundance and we were giving it away to friends, family and our local gleaners…